"Tornedalslåset" Foto: Martina Huber

About the assignment

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission shall investigate violations and abuse that Tornedalians, Kvens and Lantalaiset were subjected to as a result of the assimilation policies of the 19th and 20th centuries. Among other things the commission shall

  • map and examine the assimilation policies and the consequences for the minority, groups within the minority and to individuals,
  • disseminate information in order to increase the knowledge about the minority and its historical experiences, and
  • submit proposals on continued efforts contributing to reparations and the promotion of reconciliation.  

The purpose of the commission’s work is to

  • contribute to the collective reparation for the minority,
  • promote reconciliation, and
  • prevent similar acts in the future.

The Commission’s remit does not include considering possible questions of liability in individual cases or providing financial compensation to individuals affected. An interim report is to be presented by 16 May 2022. The Commission is to present its overall report by 15 November 2023.