Kommissionens ordförande Elisabet Fura. Foto: Martina Huber

Exciting and interesting

Commission Chair Elisabet Fura looks forward to receiving the first research reports.

Following the chaos in the Riksdag, Sweden’s first woman prime minister finally took office along with a new Government, even if there was much back and forth before all the pieces fell into place.

The researchers contracted by the Commission are continuing their work – against all odds, one might add. Not only has the pandemic made it more difficult to travel, but archives have been forced to limit their opening hours and there were periods when some have had to close completely. This has naturally made searching in archives more difficult, but we are pleased to note that despite this, our researchers were able to make progress in their studies. Some of them are close to presenting their final reports. We are of course very pleased and grateful for this. More information about which areas our researchers are looking into is available on our website:

Our coffee meetings are continuing as planned and I have had the privilege of attending several of them. Even though they all follow the same format, each has its own individual makeup and I’ve learned something new at each of them. It has been important for us to be able to offer a cultural element at these meetings and, thanks to the diligent efforts of our secretariat, we have so far been able to do so. Poetry, music, theatre and song have been presented, which has been greatly appreciated. Now we will continue and Uppsala, Stockholm, Umeå and Boden are among the larger cities we will soon be visiting. I hope to see many of you there.

It is very positive that our dialogue meetings with the National Association of Swedish Tornedalians and Met Nuoret have resumed after being on hold for a while. It is important for Commission members to regularly discuss our findings and how we plan our future work.

If you follow us on our website,, you will have seen that a new staff member has joined our secretariat – Nadia. We are very pleased that Nadia, with her skills as a lawyer and her experience from serving as secretary on several committees of inquiry, has chosen to join our team. Nadia got off to a flying start in Luleå, where she organised both coffee meetings and a meeting of the Commission. Welcome to a challenging and important task, Nadia!

It will soon be time for me and the other members of the Commission to pack our bags again. This time we’ll spend a couple of days in Korpilombolo. In connection with the Festival of the Night, we will co-host a symposium on arbetsstugor (work cottages) on 8 December. We’ll use this chance to hold a meeting the following day, and hope to have time to enjoy the Northern Lights.

Finally, on behalf of the Commission, I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. This year has been different in many ways, but still I hope that those reading this look to the new year with a sense of optimism. I certainly do.